Q: How long have you been on the job at UAlbany? A: I am working on my 12th year here. Q: Before that, you were at the College of Saint Rose. A: I was there for 11 years, something like that. Q: Your wife (Lisa) is in the business, too, right? A: She is. She is the head athletic trainer at St. Rose. Q: Who is the better trainer? A: She is. Without a doubt. Q: Really. Are you saying that because she is your wife? A: Yes (laughs). She was the head athletic director at Stony Brook. That's how we met. She still cheers for Stony Brook no matter what. She won't talk to me if UAlbany beats them in anything. Q: So, do you guys talk shop at home? A: Rarely. It's more of a juggling act with our daughter (5-year-old Averi).Read More


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